Max’s Heart Surgery

Thank you for following Max’s journey. He’s now 13 yrs. old and high school is on the horizon! Some of you have prayed for Max since his birth and others are new friends in his life. Either way, we appreciate your love and support.

On Feb. 5, 2018, Max will have another open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This surgery will replace his pulmonary valve. He will be in the gifted hands of Dr. Vaughn Starnes and the outstanding CHLA Heart Institute team. Max should be in the hospital for a few days and then home for a 8-10 week recovery.

Max lives a full and vibrant life, as he navigates his heart disease. He is currently filming a horror film and will end the month with his baseball team competing in a weekend tournament. He gains his strength from his Lord and savior Jesus Christ, his family and his amazing friends.  Living with a life long health challenge can darken even the brightest soul, but Max lives intentional and forward and is a true inspiration.

Here are some ideas of ways to help Max through this time:

  1. – Donations to the CHLA Heart Ambassadors will support innovation and access. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
  2. Max needs BLOOD! Please donate at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. To schedule appt. please call 323-660-2450
  3. Follow and share his story – definitely feel the strength in numbers.
  4. Pray for peace, comfort and a speed recovery.
  5. Keep little brother, Els, in your prayers too. Not easy having your best friend and big brother endure so much.
  6. To send words of encouragement or to arrange sending Max something please contact his mother at or father at

Max’s favorite Bible verse: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Thank you so much for the love and support. We promise to update often as Max walks through this next challenge.

23 thoughts on “Max’s Heart Surgery

  1. I still remember you as my sweet little kindergarten student. You were one of my favorites. (Shhhh ;). I will continue to pray for you always. You have the most amazing spirit. Love you sweet Max 💙


  2. Love and prayers for a successful procedure, comfort in healing and speedy recovery!
    Carey, Todd, Quin & Todger


  3. Dearest Max from your cuzzins in Florida,
    I hope you feel the loving power and force behind our combined prayers for you. I am sharing your mom’s post on FB for more back-up! Our prayers will Light the way for your recovery. God bless you, Cornelia and Joel in Neptune Beach, FL.


  4. Max!!! Sending all my best wishes and prayers to you and the family!!! You got this!!! Most important is GOD has got this!!! Hope I get to see you soon!


  5. Definitely praying for you Max, along with your brother and the rest of your family. God has done and will continue to do amazing things in your life.


  6. Thanks for your inspiring message while visiting our office at Roth Staffing Companies, I really enjoyed your stories, getting to know about your future goals and hearing about your journey. You are a cool dude and I pray for your speedy recovery. You got this!


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