Final Days

One of the challenges with having scheduled surgery, is the natural
countdown of normal activities. Max wrapped a movie (Come Said the Night), played his last baseball for a bit, attended school until
March. And on and on…

As a parent, I watched each one tick away and circled in closer to Max as his days started becoming a bit scarier. The undiscussed
elephant in the room – is this giant wall of pain we know he has to endure. No way around, under or over. Believe me – we’ve searched. It’s time to keep leaning on each other and reminding ourselves that he will feel better in the long run.

Yesterday, at pre op I was so proud of him as he allowed NBC, CBS and to cover his story. As a teenager, it’s not as natural to
live your life out loud. So glad he is willing to make a difference for other kids who face medical challenges.

Max’s faith in Jesus Christ is rock solid. It’s been beautiful to watch his baseball team, school community, church leaders, family and close friends bow their heads and stand with Max in prayer. The prayers help with the emotional struggle of this journey.

Personally, I am at the place where I can cry in an instant and can barely speak. As a family, we are hopeful and grateful. Our community of friends and family is steadfast and strong. Our trust is in Jesus to guide us through this trial. Our CHLA family is waiting to mend Max and send him home, with a new valve to continue living his incredible life.

We got this, Max!

14 thoughts on “Final Days

  1. Max, I just found out about your difficult journey and I’ve been thru lots of sx’s too, but I’m now 71 & you will be too someday!! Keep the faith, Max! Btw, my grandson’s name is Max so I feel close to u! You’ll be in my prayers always..u & your family! 🙏🏻 Hang tough, lil darth!


  2. I had no idea Max I just saw Amelia’s tweet. We have a young man here who has had his heart condition since birth and major surgeries thru the years. IDK if it’s the same but either way my heart hurts for all children going thru hell. I said my first prayer as soon as I started reading your blog & I will keep you in my prayers as you travel this long road. May God bless you’re Drs. & All the medical staff working hard for you. You don’t know me and never will but know there are many like me praying for you. There is Power in Prayer 🙏❤️


  3. Dear Max, I just read about your next surgery tomorrow as your YR mom Amelia just tweeted about this. Not sure when you’ll read this, but know again, I send you my prayers and wishes for a good recovery again. Keep your faith in your heart and the some great springtime goals for yourself. Sending you a hug too. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. xx’s


  4. Praying for you guys today. You have been in my prayers since we met on set. Max is such an inspiration! I know God will use this trial for His Glory. And I know He will shore you up as you brave these next several days. Praying for blessings, peace and courage. — Shelia, Brooks and Nicole Sherman


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