Before and After

Yesterday, Max walked into hospital strong and confident. He asked us all not to cry until after he went in to the OR. Easier said than done. His biggest concern was that we watch out for Els, look out for Els, take care of Els….

Dr. Starnes was able to place a large size (25)in Max that should last him several years. His current valve was a 16 so there is a big difference! Because of Max’s history with Endocarditis- a bacterial blood infection – he will remain in the hospital until at least Sunday for a course of IV antibiotics. The valve is from Edwards LifeScience (ELS) whom we have grown to love over the last 7 years. Now Max has an ELS valve – little brother ELS likes this.

In true Might Max effort, just 5 hrs after surgery he asked to stand and sit up. Which he did for almost an hour. The pain is excruciating with chest tubes still in, but he knows short term pain long term gain. In order to get the tubes out, this is the process.

Today’s goals are walking, using a breathing device to open up lungs, eating, and possibly remove chest tubes.

Please keep covering him in prayer. When he woke up and saw me he asked me to pray the part about putting on God’s armor. And pray for the chest tube removal. By far the most painful part of this whole thing.

39 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Our God is good! Thank you for the update. We will pray for an ease in pain and for each step of recovery to go well. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Whitefish today with freshly fallen snow!
    All our best
    Jeff and Susie


  2. What a remarkable young man! Prayers for a full, uncomplicated recovery. Chest tubes are necessary evils for sure. Praying they can come out ASAP. God bless you Page Family!


  3. Thank you for the update! We have been praying and will continue to do so. Praying for healing, comfort and peace. Blessings to all of you!


  4. Thank God it is over and Max will recover. He was on our minds and in our hearts all day. I was praying for him at 2 in the morning. All of you are strong and there is so much love. Your pictures show such a technological support system for which I, an RN, can appreciate. Tubes everywhere! I am lighting my candle again, sanctified by prayer. Please keep posting, Jennifer. Say hi to Buck. Love, Cornelia


  5. Praying for Max and the rest of the family to be strong, to have peace for Doctors knowledge and steady hand and minimum pain for Max.


  6. God bless you Max! May He be your strength and your shield, covering you with His wings, wrapping you in His unfailing love! I am praying for you throughout the day and know that He will see you through! Blessings and strength!!


  7. Max,
    You continue to be my inspiration. I got the bracelet from your mom and I love it! I replaced my cardiac amyloidosis bracelet with your blue one.
    God bless you and keep you in his loving arms.


  8. You are an amazing young man and such a testament to the power of prayer and faith . We are thinking of you and looking forward to some fun times to play board games 🙂
    Love to you all,
    Vicki and Merv


  9. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and praying for you guys!! School isn’t the same without Max and Els!! Their smiles are contagious and their kind hearts are felt by all!! Stay strong, we are with you in spirit. ❤️, the crazy lunch lady!!


  10. Hey Max
    I just wanted to share a word with you I have been where you are buddy. Because of scoliosis I have had 5 Major operations on my back but had to have not only my back but my chest opened as well. So I know what kind of pain you are feeling with the Chest Tubes I have had them too I will pray for the pain to ease for you. If you could have someone contact me right before they get ready to remove them I will pray for you as they are removed as well. Keep your head up buddy God will take care of you


    • Hi Max,
      So glad you have Els to lean on in difficult times and he has you !! I saw a quote that said , “ There is no buddy like a brother .”
      Praying for your pain to ease and to sleep better .
      We are keeping you in our daily thoughts and prayers!
      Love to you and your family ,
      Vicki and Merv


  11. Max you have to be brave my thoughts and prayers have been with you all week I will keep you in my prayers every night may God Bless and look after you. X 💕💕💕💕


  12. As a heart warrior mom myself, my heart, worry, prayers and love goes out to you all. Be strong as the Lord is our continual strength and endurance. He is always there for us. Be strong and keep pushing forward.


  13. Just remember, Max – this hard journey is all part of your testimony!! The Lord will see you through it. May your healing bring Him glory!


  14. Just checking in, Max. Do know you feel now like you’ve been poked and prodded enough with all the IV’s, leads to monitors and other annoying bits around you. I’m sure the nurses have been great and keeping you comfortable as possible. Hope today you were able to have the chest tubes removed. Hopefully, it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you. When I worked in an adult Open Heart Unit as a nurse and had the order to remove chest tubes, I’d always give my patient an extra dose of intravenous pain medication just to make it a less uncomfortable procedure. I know you’ll feel better once they are out. My patients would say they could breathe easier afterwards. Hope you won’t remember much about these first few days after the surgery and now are looking forward to going home on the weekend. Keep doing well but be patient. My prayers for you continue from Vancouver, Canada. I’d send you a card, but you’ll be out of the hospital before it would arrive. xx


  15. Hey Max
    I just wanted to check in with you again today I hope and pray you are starting to feel better. Here’s a verse that was/is a
    Big help to me Pslam 91

    Think about the words buddy

    In the shadow of The All Mighty under HIS WINGS HE GOT THIS TRUST HIM


  16. Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Song of Solomon 8:6

    Max, even though I don’t know you very well (I met you when you were a really little boy!!), I knew your Nyla and I loved her so much. And she loved YOU so much! She was so strong.

    I believe that this verse from the Old Testament might be a good one for helping with the idea of putting on God’s armor. I’m picturing that “God seal” over your heart right now and I know for absolute sure that God is mending your precious heart right now!

    I’m a super good pray-er … and I’m ON IT, Max!

    With lots of love and billions of mighty prayers,
    Debbie Meeker


  17. Max, my husband, Wayne, had a triple by pass operation during the early summer months 2017 and he hated getting the chest tube put in, wanted it out, tried to write a message to them to get it out, and you know how that goes!!! It had to be put in before the operation, left in for four or five hours after while they make sure there are no complications and like you mentioned you have to show enough signs of improvement before they take them out!!! My hubby was so happy to get them taken out!!! We have been praying for you!!! Keep up the good work of healing!!!


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