The weekend before surgery, our faith friends gathered to celebrate and lift up Max. One of the special moments was Els opening us in song. He played “Lean on me” and I loved the line – just call on me brother when you need a hand…” those two have just always been there for each other no matter what.

Tonight Max has two special prayer requests.

1. That the chest pain continues to diminish.

2. That he can sleep.

We bow our heads and pray with you, Max.

7 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. I pray for you daily, Max. Keep getting better so you “can hit some homers”.
    You are a champion and an inspiration to many people, including me.


  2. We love you, Max. Can’t wait to see you back on the baseball field! You will be there before you know it!


  3. Love you max. My warrior. My hero. My young man coming of age. You’re a huge inspiration to me and everyone’s life you touch. Magic dust. Heal !!


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