Road to Recovery

Amazing how strong this kid is! As Buck said – we almost have our Max back. Back from the meds and anesthesia that dull the brightness of his eyes. His humor is coming back and he’s beginning to eat like a teenager again.

Two prayer requests

1. Sleep – nights are still restless

2. Veins – the antibiotic Max is on is very hard on his veins and he needs a new IV site almost daily. Pretty painful. Please pray for the rest of the days to go smoothly.

And in honor of National Pizza Day, if you live in the LA area Max suggests his favorite pizza shop – Crispy Crust!

11 thoughts on “Road to Recovery

  1. Hey Max! You look amazing! God has been so gracious to you in allowing you to get amazing care at a great hospital. We have been praying for you all week. We will continue our prayers for your full recovery. Blessings from the Walsh tribe!


  2. Just checking in here from Vancouver, Canada. Bet you’re glad the horrid chest tubes are now gone and you’re eating real food again. You do look wonderful considering what your body and you have endured this week. With your faith and your family’s love and support, you’ll hopefully be going home on Sunday. Big prayers for you continue from my heart to God and then to you to make your recovery the best one yet.


  3. You are in my prayers starting now. You are one strong young man and I have confidence you will get through and be a strong through your walk in life.


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