Reunited with JG Baseball Team!

The weeks and days leading up to surgery, Max kept ticking off the things he had left to do. It brought a weird sense of tension to all of us.

Buck just kept praying for the other side of surgery so we could start focusing on progress and what’s to come.

Saturday was a big step! Max reunited with his baseball team. The coaches and families have been so supportive. They keep him laughing, pray, wear his bracelets and had big hugs ready for all of us.

Max will join the team on the field in early April – until then he’s just enjoying being back to one the boys…

2 thoughts on “Reunited with JG Baseball Team!

  1. You are doing so great, Max. It must be great to see your coach and friends on your baseball team. April will happen very soon. Bet your team will win their first game with you back. Keep doing as well as you have. xx


  2. It’s amazing to read how God is working in your life and with you as you take those needed steps for recovery. May He continue to strengthen you and each member of your family and support teams. continuing in prayer….


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