Comedy & Comfort Food

When you have eaten through the grill menu a couple of times – it’s time to hit up Postmates for some Shake Shack. Max recommends the salted caramel shake!

We’ve enjoyed hearing Max burst into laughter while listening to his favorite comedians. He’s a big Dude Perfect, Tim Hawkins and Michael Jr. fan. He tries not to laugh too hard, because that still hurts a little. It really helps him pass the time.

Max also enjoyed beating Mom at cribbage, backgammon and gin rummy. I will get even when he’s feeling better 😉

5 thoughts on “Comedy & Comfort Food

  1. How wonderful to read all the good things that are happening now!!
    Keep it up, Max!!!!
    Jim and Barb
    PS – wish we had a Shake Shack in the desert.


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