Surrounded by Love

Today, we all took a deep breath and tried to just “feel” being home. I was having a low-on-patience and high-on-tears day. The boys were just trying to stay clear!

Then Buck texted me this photo of Max sifting through the 100’s of wonderful messages from companies, strangers, close friends…

On Jan. 11, Max spoke to a group that supports the American Heart Association in Orange County – Roth Staffing. We told him he could pass, but he said this is why I speak – they need to see what heart disease looks like. So to a get a card from them signed by dozens of employees meant the world. They heard his message – and they care…

So we (I) settled down and gave thanks for all of you. The people who keep us buoyant on both sides of this storm. People that take 5 min to make a difference for us in some way.

It all matters…you all matter…

The Grateful Pages

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